Out For The Count

We've been playing together for only two or three months when we decided to make an EP. Five songs (all songs, we've had at the time) + one day in cheap studio sounded like a good idea, but it became sort of a nightmare. The original mix was quite bad, so we had to find another guy to remix it completely. Huge thank to Mitch Koontz, who kind of saved this recording. The fifth song called Dead Man is not on the album, even if we recorded it during that session. We rerecorded it later and put it on Devil's on my Side. The circle closed..


Release Year: 2011

Format: EP, CD Digipack

Mix & Mastering: Mitch Koontz (TC Audiodesign)

Tracklist: 01. Lucille 02. Dead Beat Boogie 03. Uncle Joe 04. 3A.M.