Devil's On My Side

Our first full length album. The songs became more complex as we spent more time playing and arranging music together. It's pretty much DIY but the approach changed to more – let's say – hifi sound. The amps still were on eleven all the time, but we used much better equipment to capture it this time. The most difficult task was to pick only twelve songs. We recorded more material and who knows, maybe we're gonna release it one day.. Last but not least, thanx to Daniel Wierczeiko for doing great mixing job!


Release Year: 2014

Format: Full Length Album, CD Digipack

Mix & Mastering: Daniel Wierczeiko (Wooden Cube Studio)

Tracklist: 01. Dead End Street 02. Love Is a Drug 03. Babychild 04. 3.A.M. 05. Where Have Those Days Gone 06. Trap 07. Howl 08. Dead Man 09. Ten Thousand Hearts On Pile 10. Moanin' 11. Downtown Fire 12. Devil's On My Side